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Word Notion provides professional writing, editing, and translation services for businesses looking to reach a targeted market or improve their internal documentation. We understand the importance of using the right words for the right audience.

Proficient in both English and French, our team has worked on documents of all types, including promotional texts, manuals, finance articles, corporate procedures, film and television subtitles, as well as technical documents for various branches of the government.

Our services include the following:
  • Business Writing: Writing and formatting content for business plans, media releases, corporate videos, websites, and internal procedures

  • Technical Writing: Writing and formatting technical documents, such as training modules, reference guides, and user manuals for equipment or software

  • Editing: Editing business, technical, and creative material, including commercial reports, applications for subsidies, and production scripts

  • Translation: Translating business and technical documentation from English to French or French to English
For more information or to obtain a quote, you can reach us by telephone at
514-214-0412 or by e-mail at contact@wordnotion.com.

E-mail: contact@wordnotion.com

Phone: 514-214-0412

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